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(Must be used with service from Odin Mobile)

The ODIN VI operates on a 2G network. T-Mobile and AT&T will be shutting down their 2G networks approximately by the end of 2016. When the 2G networks are shut down, your ODIN VI will no longer work. In 2016, however, a new phone will be available that will be improved in a number of respects. If you return your ODIN VI, you will receive a credit that you can apply to the purchase of the new phone at a discounted price.

The ODIN VI is a talking cell phone that is 100 percent accessible to the blind. It speaks everything that is on the screen, speaks the keys that you press and even prompts you to perform certain functions. Create your own contacts and move through your contact list to hear the names read out loud. Write text messages and hear your incoming messages spoken to you. Access your call log to learn which calls you missed. The ODIN VI speaks the caller ID, as well as the amount of battery charge, the signal strength and the time and date. You can even select between a few different voices and choose between a white on black or black on white display. The exterior of the phone is black.

Audible Offer

For Odin Mobile customers, Audible is offering two free audiobooks with Audible's trial offer. To take advantage of this special offer, follow the instructions on your welcome email.

Made With You In Mind

The keypad has nicely spaced large buttons to ensure ease of use, and the menus are simple and easy to navigate. The control buttons are different colors and shapes so that you always press the correct button.

This is a unique cell phone designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. We have found that this cell phone is particularly popular with seniors and others who just want an easy-to-use accessible basic cell phone. There is nothing else like it in the world!

The ODIN VI speaks English, Spanish, French and other European languages.

Instructional Podcasts for Odin VI

We have put together 5 tutorials that provide instruction on how to use the Odin VI. Access instructional podcasts now.

Try an ODIN VI at These Locations

There are several U.S. locations where you can try out the ODIN VI. Find them here.

Demonstration Video

Our friends at The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, have put together this video demonstrating some of the ODIN VI's great features. Watch to learn more about this accessible phone. You can also purchase the ODIN VI through The Chicago Lighthouse.


Product Specifications

  • The ODIN VI is 100% accessible to the blind
  • Adjust the speech speed
  • Select a male of female voice
  • Typed numbers displayed in 24 point font
  • Text messages displayed in 12 point font
  • Select black on white display or white on black
  • Hearing aid compatible – rating of M3/T3
  • Stores up to 200 contacts
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Three ringtones
  • Option to vibrate with incoming calls
  • Program up to three emergency numbers. Press and hold any button for approximately five seconds and the phone will dial each number in turn until the call is answered.
  • Size - 3.94" (height) x 2.05" (width) x 0.79" (depth)
  • Weight - 100g (phone) 150g (desk stand)
  • Battery standby time up to 10 days and talk time up to 5 hours
  • Memory - Flash ROM 2Gb, RAM 2GB / 512Mb
  • Accessories - Supplied with weighted desk stand, power adapter, USB cable, earpiece, manual and Odin Mobile SIM card

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