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Odin Mobile has partnered with great organizations to bring additional value to our customers and the blind community.  Please read about these wonderful organizations.

Perkins Solutions

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Perkins Solutions is dedicated to providing individuals, who have low vision, blindness or deafblindness with the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. We are committed to supporting every person on their individual path to success at home, at school or in the workplace through our growing lines of high and low technology solutions and services.

Perkins Solutions also partners with associations for the blind and visually impaired, education ministries and resellers around the globe in an effort to provide accessible equipment to all who can benefit.

Perkins Solutions is a division of Perkins, which is celebrating its 185th year of providing education, services and products to people who are blind, deafblind or visually impaired with other disabilities. Founded in 1829, Perkins works locally and globally reaching more than 880,000 people each year in 67 countries. Perkins helps to build productive and meaningful lives through its five divisions: School for the Blind, International, Library, eLearning, and Products. More information is available at

Perkins Solutions offers a wide spectrum of tools designed with the utmost quality, durability and potential to help users better connect with the world around them.

Remember that Odin VI phones purchased through Perkins Products receive a five percent discount on Talk and Text plans from Odin Mobile.
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